Zhejiang Yuanpai Machine Tool Accessory Co. Ltd. At present the fixed assets of the company are 1.5billion with the annual production capacity of 200 thousand pieces of chucks. The company passes CE certification. In 2010, the company set up a chuck research and development centre of Taizhou city which is subordinated to the China Committee of Science and Technology. YUANPAI is one of units to draft out the national chuck industry standard. The main products of the company cover 2-jaw self-centring chucks 80-400mm, 3-jaw self-centring chucks 80-1250mm, 4-jaw independent chucks 80-1000mm, and 4-jaw self-centring chucks 80-1250mm and also with direct mounting types of A,C and D from 160-1250mm, and with direct mounting types of A and D from 160-800mm, with over 150 models...


Our company has passed CE quality management system certification, all of our products have CE certification.


In 2010, our company established the Taizhou chuck R & D center.


Domestic and foreign customers provide finished products and services.

enterprise culture


As always, all the staff of Yuanpai will strive hard to make a good article on "improving the quality of stars, increasing the production of stars, reducing consumption and increasing sales", with "seeking perfection, sincerity, quality assurance, trustworthiness" as the quality policy, and "strictly ensuring quality, seeking truth from facts" as the purpose, and wholeheartedly provide customers and users with the most affordable quality. Chuck has become an ideal supplier for customers.

  • Enterprise value and culture

    Adhere to honesty, respect, teamwork, a professional spirit, and building an unparalleled cornerstone of enterprise.

  • Long-term target and responsibility

    To be the best supplier and leader in terms of brand and customer’s satisfactory in this industry.

  • The culture ideology of staff

    Confidence, Progressiveness, Unity, Hardworking and kindness.

  • Principle

    Virtuously uphold the professional ethics of honesty, sincerity, and devotion.

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